Correspondence Mixtape Series Discography
(2021)     Download:  MP3

K.K. Slider   Turn Down for What
Young Thug   Fifth Day Dead
Young Thug   Hate the Game
Goldie   Hyena
Travis Guide   How Thrasher Has Ruined My Brain
Toby Fox   Hopes and Dreams
Chicago Melt   MPC Junglism
Adam Buxton   Bale Jingle
Nacho Marty Meyer   Kawai GMega XC-3 LX (1993) Part 1
Gang Gang Dance   Vacuum
Dean Blunt   Felony / Stalker
Aphex Twin   Windowlicker [Hip-Hop Remix 30 Min]
Toby Fox   A Town Called Hometown
Howard Stern   Gary Joined a Scotch Lovers Facebook Group
King Crimson   Model Man
Full Body 2   Fifty Heaven
MrFunnyTi   Roland MKS-7 Super Quartet Part 2
Travis Guide   Names of the Beats for My Next Album
Nacho Marty Meyer   Yamaha TG33 (1990)
Ghost Bomber   Vague Jazz
MIDERA   Roland SH-101 Random Musings
The Cure   Dressing Up
The Cure   Dressing Up (Studio Alt Mix)
The Beach Boys   Cool, Cool Water
Howard Stern   Introducing Green Day